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Criteria to Choose the Ideal University for Studying MBBS in Russia

Researching MBBS in India is getting tougher day by day. Now Indian students who want to be a physician have felt with the following three choices.

  • Pursue MBBS from government medical school of Russia
  • Pursue MBBS from MCI approved Indian personal medical college
  • Pursue MBBS from MCI approved overseas medical universities

The first option is the best, but the Number of Chairs in the government medical college in India is less. For this reason, it is quite tricky to get admission in the government medical college in India. The second option is actually out of reach of many Indians as the class fess in private medical school in India is extremely high. Thus, the aspiring student is left with the Third alternative – pursuing MBBS in overseas from any MCI approved college. Now there are many countries in the world that offers MBBS course. Students will need to choose among them among tens of thousands of medical universities. It is a really crucial task to select the ideal country and appropriate university for chasing MBBS in overseas. The following are some criteria that students should keep in mind when choosing the right state or college for pursuing mbbs in russia. Should check if the medical university is recognized from WHO, MCI, etc. or not.

MBBS From Russia Universities

It is extremely important to inspect the recognition of the university as the employment opportunity of the pupil can be weakened because of non-recognition of this university. Should check whether the nation has an enormous reach of healthcare industry in terms of innovation, advancement in technology, vulnerability to several disease to treat and stop, etc. or not. It is extremely important to get innovative heath care vulnerability in the country since it will assist the pupil to imbibe learning. Should check if the medical university of the nation is capable of providing quality medical education or not, whether it is using new and highly innovative technique to educate the medical students or not, whether it provides clinical training to their students or not. Should also check if the expense of chasing MBBS in that nation is within the budget of the student or not. Student should figure out the class fee of the university, hostel fee and the expense of living of the nation.

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Roman Zakharenko